Slick Rick - Behind Bars lyrics (Chinese translation). | (Warren G)
, Check this out, this warren g, y’know what I’m saying
, Chilling wit my man slick...
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Slick Rick - Behind Bars (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (Warren G)
ZH: (沃伦 G)

EN: Check this out, this warren g, y’know what I’m saying
ZH: 检查此出,此沃伦 g,你知道自己在说什么

EN: Chilling wit my man slick rick, you know
ZH: 低温冷害机智我男人圆滑瑞克,你知道

EN: And we gonna give you all a little tale about this jail stuff
ZH: 我们会给你所有这监狱里东西的小故事

EN: You know, so rick, why don’t you run it homie, yea
ZH: 你知道,所以瑞克,你为什么不要运行它吧,你是的

EN: (Slick Rick)
ZH: (浮油瑞克)

EN: In the slammer kid but I’m innocent
ZH: 在监狱里的孩子,但我是无辜的

EN: Lord played witty wasn’t having any pity
ZH: 演奏的诙谐的主不有任何的遗憾

EN: Now wit razor blades, did he
ZH: 现在机智剃刀,做了他

EN: Cry suppose the situation seen mad eyes of foes
ZH: 哭假设情况见过疯狂的敌人的眼睛

EN: Drives a rolls, hey, yo, money, what size are those
ZH: 驱动器卷、 嘿哟,钱,什么大小是那些

EN: Need to phone me toanothe sprang up,hm, to gang up
ZH: 需要给我打电话 toanothe 声响了起来,嗯,到了帮派

EN: On the skid, housing the phone like he didn’t know how to hang up
ZH: 好像他不知道如何挂上滑行,住房电话

EN: Would be hard though ought a minute or so and then yells time on a
ZH: 虽然应该一分钟左右,然后大叫的时间上会很难

EN: And when you get your commisary, buy this and that or else I’m gonna
ZH: 当你得到你的 commisary,这和那买,否则我要去

EN: Be on that ass and won’t stay off, extort, fig I say, way off
ZH: 在她的屁股上和不会远离,勒索,我说,无花果远的时候

EN: Beaten death, you ain’t protecting me, forgot today’s my day off
ZH: 被打得的死,你不在保护我、 忘了今天是我的一天的

EN: Hold my head and drift the ? sumo weighing nuts and cars?
ZH: 按住我的头和漂移吗?相扑衡器螺母和汽车吗?

EN: Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars, behind bars
ZH: 而不是坐在这里积累削减和疤痕,铁窗

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Dum ditty dum ditty ditty datty day
ZH: Dum 小调 dum 小曲小调 datty 天

EN: This type of shit happens every day
ZH: 这种事发生的每一天

EN: Take some punk locked up to get beat down, ripped down to his boots is broke
ZH: 拿一些朋克锁起来要打下来,扯到他的靴子是打破了

EN: Down
ZH: 向下

EN: Dum ditty dum ditty ditty datty day
ZH: Dum 小调 dum 小曲小调 datty 天

EN: This type of shit happens every day
ZH: 这种事发生的每一天

EN: Riots, malay and disturbances of the peace
ZH: 暴乱、 马来语和和平的干扰

EN: (Warren G)
ZH: (沃伦 G)

EN: Mister slick rick let me take it for a second
ZH: 先生浮油瑞克让我带它的第二次

EN: And tell a short tale about the la county jail
ZH: 洛杉矶郡立监狱告诉一个短故事

EN: 9500 that was the lock up
ZH: 9500 的被锁了

EN: When the lights got dim, it was time for the soccer
ZH: 灯光昏暗的时候它是足球的时间

EN: Jacking for the money, backstab was my mission
ZH: 为了钱,顶刺是我的使命

EN: If a riot jumped out, it’s time for incision
ZH: 如果跳出了一场暴乱,是时候让切口

EN: Sticking niggas here and sticking niggas there
ZH: 贴黑鬼在这里和那里贴黑鬼

EN: I turn around and look and seen cops everywhere
ZH: 我回头看,看到警察到处都

EN: Jacking brothers up, slapping brothers up
ZH: 顶了,打了耳光兄弟兄弟

EN: If you got blood on your clothes, lock up
ZH: 如果你的衣服上沾满了血,锁起来

EN: High powered was the level, level fo’
ZH: 高动力是一级,级 fo'

EN: Niggas sentenced to life and you can’t be no ho (bitch)
ZH: 黑鬼判以终身,你不能没有何 (婊子)

EN: Or you can’t tooken wit homies overlooken
ZH: 或者你不能 tooken 机智的家人 overlooken

EN: As safe next door wit the puma straight cooking
ZH: 作为安全隔壁机智的彪马直烹饪

EN: Lighten up the whole module, hm
ZH: Hm 照亮整个模块,

EN: Godamn, yea, anothe squabble
ZH: Godamn,是的另一个争论

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: (slick rick)
ZH: (浮油瑞克)

EN: Showing off cuz on the phone, click, losing all the hoes off
ZH: 炫耀因为在电话上,请单击关闭失去所有锄头

EN: Nigga housed the watch and ? donna? took all of the clothes off
ZH: 黑鬼设手表和吗?唐娜?所有的衣服起飞

EN: Nigga hell with the was for my clothes figured telling
ZH: 与黑鬼到底是想告诉我的衣服

EN: Every night it seem like mice be in and out a nigga cell and
ZH: 它看起来像小鼠将入点和出黑鬼的单元格每晚和

EN: Still ain’t home, like on the hook, seen a bunch of kids look
ZH: 还没回家,像钓上了钩见到一群孩子们看看

EN: Miss outdoors, never know what you have until it’s tooken
ZH: 户外错过,永远不知道你有什么直到它 tooken

EN: And in fact, the moment you fear, all of that, you quote snaps
ZH: 事实上,你害怕的所有的时刻你引述的快照

EN: Well in a cell, did the exercises and wrote raps
ZH: 好在一个单元格,做练习和写了区域行动方案

EN: I be a bigger star than you, no never heard of the nigga
ZH: 我是大明星比你没有从来没有听说过黑鬼

EN: Takes my raps and read aloud, I want to murder the migga
ZH: 需要我的斥责和读大声朗读,我想要谋杀 migga

EN: Just kidding, no offend to it, finally he ended it
ZH: 只开玩笑,不冒犯到它,最后他结束它

EN: Case dismissed, but your honor, da kindly prevented it
ZH: 案件被驳回,但法官大人,da 请阻止它

EN: He told to the judge, don’t free him, this brother trigger wars
ZH: 他告诉法官,别无他这个弟弟触发器战争

EN: And not just that because I refuse to wash some jive nigga doors
ZH: 并不只是因为我拒绝洗一些 jive 黑鬼门

EN: So hold the head, drift the ? sunot weight and nuts and cars?
ZH: 所以举行头、 漂移吗?sunot 重量、 坚果和车吗?

EN: Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars
ZH: 而不是坐在这里积累削减和疤痕

EN: Behind bars
ZH: 铁窗

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: One fight, the nigga trip, seal the rest he might scared
ZH: 一场比赛,黑鬼之旅,密封他可能会害怕的其余

EN: By couldn’t squeal, i’s like officer that nigga right there
ZH: 由不能大声尖叫,像官如意那黑鬼

EN: Now if he ain’t get me his friends will, needed a utensil
ZH: 如果他不是让我在他朋友的意愿,现在需要器具

EN: It turn out, I had to stab him in the eye wit a pencil
ZH: 它的转,我只好刺他眼睛机智在一支铅笔

EN: State of shock, he made a yell, I said, now what you want traitor
ZH: 国家的冲击,他一声,现在我说什么你想要的叛徒

EN: Co puts me in the bin, I see ya about a month later
ZH: 公司把我放在 bin,大概一个月后见到你

EN: Back in population, didn’t matter that his friends tensed
ZH: 回来在人群中,并不重要他的朋友们绷紧

EN: The phone prints, the years added to the sentence
ZH: 电话打印,添加到该句的年

EN: Still chilling and all of that and I escaped
ZH: 仍低温冷害和所有那和我逃

EN: When the damn thing sold, don’t hit the sto’ cause they made a rape attempt
ZH: 当那该死的东西卖了时,别打 sto' 他们作出尝试强奸的原因

EN: Thank goodness, failed, call out next, he wail out
ZH: 谢天谢地,失败,打电话给出下一步,他大声哀号

EN: Here go the co, ricky walters, back up, bailed out
ZH: 在这里去 co,里奇沃尔特斯,备份,保释候查

EN: The co couldn’t see the rape, the kid’ll snithc mass figure
ZH: Co 不能见强奸,孩子就会 snithc 大规模图

EN: Fast trigger, you’ll be back, you little bitch ass nigga
ZH: 快速触发,你会回来,你这小混蛋黑鬼

EN: Au vare, back to dating sluts and stars
ZH: 凹片型,回约会荡妇和星星

EN: At least for now, no more accumulating cuts and scars
ZH: 至少现在,没有更多积累削减和疤痕

EN: Behind bars
ZH: 铁窗

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]