Sleepless In Solitude - Ready lyrics (Chinese translation). | Solitude is just a state of mind
, Like a wave against the tide
, Our raindrops fall before our...
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Sleepless In Solitude - Ready (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Solitude is just a state of mind
ZH: 孤独是只是一种精神状态

EN: Like a wave against the tide
ZH: 像潮汐波

EN: Our raindrops fall before our eyes
ZH: 在我们的眼前的我们雨滴的下落

EN: Strings of faith held up so high - our lies
ZH: 字符串的信念那么高-举行我们的谎言

EN: Losing my grip, eyes open wide
ZH: 失去控制,睁大眼睛

EN: And my heart's like a burning inferno, tears are filling
ZH: 我的心像燃烧的地狱,眼泪填满

EN: Me from the inside
ZH: 我从里面

EN: Left out alone, thoughts from the dark
ZH: 一个人的想法从黑暗的左

EN: As I see the moon turns white, I come out and bark
ZH: 以及月球变白瞧出来吠声

EN: Like a wing of an angel dying
ZH: 像快死了一个天使的翅膀

EN: Embrace me with your fear
ZH: 拥抱我你的恐惧

EN: It's the heat of the moment
ZH: 它是片刻的热

EN: I'm ready, when my sight is clear
ZH: 我准备好了我的视线时明确

EN: It's a dream of the day I hope for
ZH: 这是一个梦希望的一天

EN: Caress me till dawn - I come out at night
ZH: 抚摸我到黎明-在晚上出来

EN: Show me those hidden faces
ZH: 给我看看那些隐藏的脸

EN: The dreams that once been told
ZH: 梦想的一次被告知

EN: Restless night as I gaze into the sky
ZH: 不安的一夜,我凝视天空

EN: Lonely days with a tear and a cry
ZH: 一滴眼泪、 一声与寂寞的日子

EN: Exposing my flesh to emotional rays
ZH: 公开我到情感射线的肉

EN: Tear me down in occassional phase
ZH: 在偶尔阶段打垮我

EN: In a time my harp will play
ZH: 在一次我的竖琴将发挥

EN: In a rhyme my heart will pray
ZH: 我的心会祈祷的韵

EN: It's a way to make a living from it
ZH: 它是一个能让生活从它

EN: As well as hiding here
ZH: 以及藏在这里

EN: Like a butcher with a devil's daughter
ZH: 像个屠夫与魔鬼的女儿

EN: Her eyes are dark and queer
ZH: 她的眼睛是黑暗和同性恋

EN: Is it a raining station?
ZH: 它是一个雨站吗?

EN: Or is the white noise true?
ZH: 或者是白噪声真的吗?