Sleeper - Feeling Peaky lyrics

monday morning fiction on the tube then sorting out the daily mail
nasty habit read the horoscope then pick the skin around her nails
are shiny, made for making love or kissing indiscreetly, at the weekend
miss the drink that leaves you feeling peaky

tuesday lunchtime itchy in a suit all dressed up for the pantomime
how d'you know though when you're getting on or when you're getting back in
line-up strung-up listen to the sound of someone else's fun fair
always racing they'll catch you when you thought you'd just got somewhere

there's nothing you can do, I'll make it up to you
you're feeling just like them
tonight we'll find a different world or sign a different treaty
love makes you forgetful so completely

you're always looking, read about the lives that loiter in non-fiction
while you're waiting, someone stole the courage of your conviction