Skyzoo - Grew Up On Kool Aid (2013)

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Skyzoo - Grew Up On Kool Aid lyrics

[Verse 1]
First of all I wann' thank my connect,
Meaning I thank me for every part of my steps,
Meaning I thank me for stepping off to the left,
Mapquesting the rights but never followed the rest,
Back under the lights, I never wanted the stress
But if that come with hype then that's one to impress,
Trapped under the life since tagging under the desk,
Couldn't tell me that I couldn't be matched up wit the best,
Back then I wasn't, forward now I am,
Back then I wanted to call it now what I can,
Tapped in to wanting to come around in a Lam'
Off a story that you know like the other side of your hand,
Meaning that you relate, and that should be enough,
Couldn't name another that was accurate as such,
Know I weave with the paint cinematically as such,
OGs said I say it like when Acura's was up,
'95 the diction, 20-20 the view,
'95s edition of what was under the stoop,
9.5, gifted, up and under your boo,
Not a soul as nice so I don't want it with who?,
Do remember that I'm the one with the proof,
So if I do brag then I was up in that booth,
No mic when I was up in that booth,
Pinstripe suites, find me up on the 'Tube,
I know Mike, MJ salute,
Sharing the cigars with the pair that you got on,
Tor' know, he was there to tag along,
Lou Gehrig records, L&D sweatshirts,
Same kid by the speakers when they blared,
Moms with 2 jobs so my weekends disappeared,
Heard high schoolers blowing reefer in the stairs,
I was sitting in the kitchen, it was seeping under there,
Banging on the table, scribbling a chorus,
Ambition to get it and live it how I saw it,
Bowls of Apple Jacks, youngin' me don't play,
How the fuck could I ever not be ok?

Grew up on Kool aid,
Money by the shoe lace,
19, opened the trunk and sold 2-ways,
Me and Biz for the win like touché,
And spent it all at the mall every few days