Skyline - Inner Riot lyrics

if you can't fly
in your blue sky
your worries are in motion

nobody's there
to give you a hand
you play with no devotion

live your life

earless and blind
can't read the sign
that breaks the chains to freedom

live your life

life is not easy, sometimes can be cruel
sometimes people forget basic rules
people are lonely and scared too
it's a strange way of living, change must come soon

you'll find great treasure
raise your arms in pleasure
your inner riot goes quiet

live your life

don't hide inside but open to more sensation
pick up the key to joy that lies on your path
ask yourself where lies your happiness ration
the time's come up tu wake up to kindness

I'm flying high like a bird in the sky
I'm flying high like a bird in the sky
from a bird's eye view I'm looking down
at what people are doint right at this time

take care, beware of ignorance
stand upright with your head held high
don't wait a long time, start right now