Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc (Suicide Squad The Album) (2016)

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Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc (Suicide Squad The Album) lyrics

They call me a menace, they say that i'm cursed
But something about me is making 'em jealous, so listen and learn
And I heard 'em like cattle 'cause I'm surrounded by cowards
And I don't give a fuck when I walk in the battle
And that's why I got all the power
I'm where you wanna be, ain't no one ahead of me
All of my enemies made a decision it's better to follow me
I make no apologies, all of my sins I would repeat and repeat
'Cause I'mma be me to the death of me, oh yeah

I can smell your fear, the only reason that I'm here
Is to wreak havoc
Everybody pray that I'm changing, maybe one day
But tomorrow I'll be back at it
Could start one of these days and ddie hard
We live for as we die hard, golden [?] die hard, die Hard

Down with the blood on my hands
Fly when I'm beating the Man
I learned in the band to never get caught, just get on hidden again
Straight at the context, Ea