Sky Cries Mary - Every Iceburg Is Afire lyrics

All the statues are headless
All the homeless are bedless
All the hungry are breadless
All the comies are redless

All the heavens are starless
All the drunkards are barless
Streetwalkers are carless
All the big-talkers,
they are cigarless

All the drug stores are drugless
All the persians are rugless
All the worst dress are best list
All the night clubs
they get the guest list

All the oceans are streetless
All the poets are beatless
All the dreamers are feetless
let all the the diseased be diseaseless

The whole world is moonshine
Everythings a pipe dream
Everyones a shadow
Religions are smoke screens
The whole world's a wino
oceans getting higher
we're all going swimming
every iceberg is a fire