Skrewdriver - Warzone lyrics

Damp pavements, street lights
She was born to stand and fight
No favours nor charity
She was never part of a minority

Inner-city baby, brought up tough
Look around here now, it looks rough
Nerves of steel get her through her day
She must survive in this concrete maze

She's a warzone baby, brought up in a war
She's a warzone baby, she's got to know the score

It's night and on the corner the dealer stands
One more disease in a once-great land
She ignores him and passes by
Her ambition is not to die

Turns a corner and she's in gangland
It's all eyes, teeth, and white headbands
She keeps her distance 'cos she knows their game
Rapes their hobby but she ain't playing


middle eight:

Living in a warzone, living in a hell
I don't recall the exact day that our country's morals fell
Living in a warzone, where death stands by our beds
Did we ever vote for this?
They seem to want our nation dead dead dead

(chorus) x2