Skrewdriver - One Land lyrics

Once a mighty nation, split asunder
A calm blue sky, beset by thunder (Donar)
Once a land, so proud and free
Until the wall of shame came down on Germany (Deutschland)

But now you're one land
One land
One land
Free once again

They may have split the flesh, but they could not split the blood
And they could not split the spirit of the people (Das Volk)
And they tried to grind you down, tried to knock you to the ground
And tried to beat you with the hammer and the sickle (Sichel)


instrumental break


At the end of the brother war, the pain was so much more
As the instigators stage-managed the dying, (Das Sterbend)
And they tried to take your life, back in 1945
But I hope that the spirit once again is rising (Aufstand)

(chorus) x2