Skrewdriver - Hail And Thunder lyrics

Despite the heavy load, that on our shoulders goes
We march towards the raging storm
Onto the battlefield, for we shall never yield
As from our love ones we are torn

With gleaming swords and shining shields, our flags we proudly wield
Towards the field of death we ride
Our battle songs we loudly sing, for victory they will bring
Old comrades riding by our sides

Hail and thunder, the lightning fills the sky
Gone's the calm that calm that comes before the storm
Hail and thunder, we're not afraid to die
A mighty sea of warriors marching on

For high ideals we make our stand, to cleanse all poison from our lands
We fight the evil and the greed
Whilst dark forces created strife, to bleed our nation of its life
Long ago they planted the evil seed

They spread a plague, a wicked spell, to keep our people locked in hell
To keep us from the forests and from fields
They always hoped we would not know, but now the devil's cover's blown
The strength of light is gonna break the evil seal


instrumental break

(chorus) x2