Skillz - Inherit The World lyrics

[Mad Skillz]
Rappers came with their styles and I left with their heads
Their crews became victim of the body-snatchin dread
The world is now mine, the world belongs to me
I carefully planned the extinction of all wack MC's
Now innocents must prepare for my slaughter
My style will inherit the world, just like water
Cover it like sauce, think about who lost
Niggaz minds was the reason for the MC holocaust
I'll be the first to admit, I'm on some next shit
Two rappers stepped up and left bullemic, and anorexic
I told humans I'd conquer and bomb shit
Now I stand alone and take care of my continents
A&R's used to ignore me (yep) realized I was nice
Now it's no one left here to write my life story
Ninety-five rappers shelled like pearls
Hit by genocide, I inherited the world

Chorus: repeat 4X

Humanity gets crushed, with a style that's hard