Skeelo - This Is How It Sounds lyrics

This is not the ditty, cause the ditty's dum dum
Now I'm checking out the sound of the phat jazz drum
The horns and the samples with the bass and the boom
When added all together it's a phat jazz tune
Listen, examine this carefully. You can either dance to the beat
Or chill and have a seat. Or choke off the smoke of a cactus tree
As I'm steady pumpin' sounds off my NBC
With the natural ability to make you wanna get down
And maybe slap 5 to everyone around
So pass me a drink, stop and let me think of the sounds of the street
The funkadelic key
So get your friends and strap yourselves in for the journey of your life
The saga now begins
3-2-1 contact, we have lift off, right, so I'm about to take flight
And this is how it sounds

I freak the funk on the microphone, check it baby one two
Cause I got the skills and I thought that maybe y'knew
That I could be chilled and have a good time
So when you see me, make sure you throw up your peace signs
Recline, let your mind be free
To the break of dawn at a club I'll be
So you know to put your dirty hands up in the air
And wave 'em side to side like you just don't care, yeah
Sisters in the back with the afros
And the brothas in the corner with the jebos (?)
And if you're looking for trouble you know where to go
And now you're tunin' to the sounds of the Skee Lo.
I take the stage and get paid to another fella MC
Produced tracks is not whack, it's sounds from my (?)
3-2-1 contact we have lift off, right? so i'm about to take flight
And this is how it sounds.

Beats they be infinite and fatter than the pork
The sounds can be heard from Cali from New York
Forget about your troubles, forget about your blues
Cause jazz is alive, so go and spread the news
Then once the news is heard then others can relate
Maybe find the phattest samples from the crate
So chill, cool with the breeze, microphone check 1-2 to the 3.
Bang down doors, dance on floors and have your fun
Cause the party doesn't stop 'til the morning comes
Yeah, now I can feel the beat so I'ma kick back for a sec and have a seat yo
And this is how it sounds
Yeah, this it how it sounds.