Six Hung Sprung - Song 44 Edited lyrics

hey i know that you dont like to look at me hey i know that you sure like to talk about me you try hard to play it off and act cool i know what your trying to act and think and do sure its true that im one bad rockin dude in a killer band with one heck of an attitude but give it up and quit playin those games your killin me cause you keep actin the same hey i want you to give me a sign hey i want you to give me some time hey i want you to be with me hey i want you baby and we never talked way back in high school hiding behind my locker i thought you were so cool you never knew you were so irresistible and i still think that your absolutely wonderful you dont even care all we do is stare and wonder when the day will be when will we stop and even talk i want you to quit avoiding me