Sister Machine Gun - This Metal Sky lyrics

You sit collapsed as an empty mind
Last sparks dissolved until your last breath
And the droning sound of tallow
Replaces pulse with ink

It is lonely here
Living in the hazy moment
Between the alarm and the awakening
Where the dream precipitates
Madness as its encore

You are only half there
The other half erased
And brushed from the paper
By the same hand that
Fingers your id like a fresh scab
Until you bleed a river of ridiculous

I see now it's not division, but subtraction
You peddle your pieces
To a man called compromise
For a place in the greater scheme
Until the only thing left standing
Is the place where you once stood

You have just reduced yourself from static
To dead - air - tonight

Or it could be the other way
Take the wire to the other side
Of this metal sky
And you will see
These stars are just projections
This is not real
Which means their thunder is merely a threat

Do you want to know the truth?
They need you
They are mechanical, maniacal, derived
You couldn't drown in their gene pool if you tried
But they're all made up in brilliant disguise
Selling the very thing they most want
But cannot possess - You

And magic is the key to their success
A simple sleight-of-hand steals your autonomy
Leaving you believing you are in control

Tell me, do you trust your judgement? (laughs)
My friend, your id's been tripped
Welcome to Metropolis