Sister Machine Gun - Degenerate lyrics

Degenerate until I fall to the ground
No one would care if I die without a sound
The burning in my eyes, the screaming in my ears
Is starting to make me come around
Well, I've got nothing left to hide, so you might as well know
Everything I did, it was always just for show
The lies I said were nothing so great
'Cept dreams of things below

Degenerate until I cure my hate
Everything I seem to do is tempered by fate

Mouth is moving, but I've got no voice
My mind is working, but I've got no choice
Caught in a life that shouldn't be mine
Everything my future and my past destroys
I try to justify what I'm going through
Well, I always knew I should've listened to you
But you always say things I don't want to hear
You never taught me anything was true