Sinner - Searching For Your Love lyrics


I'm trapped in your shadow
Do anything you want
We're alone
Your diamond eyes ... look so innocent
They're turning me to stone

(Chorus 1:)
Throw off these chains, they're holding me back
I'm crying in the rain again
There's a fire in me ... burning up again
There is no escape for me

(Chorus 2:)
Searching for your love (3)
The magic in your eyes
Searching for your love (3)
I'm hypnotized again

All I want is just to hold you, I can't take breath
At the edge of darkness ... we sailed over heartaches
One step into the night

A new day, a new night
But nothing's ever changing
I never thought that I'd be touching you
I'm in this much too deep

(Chorus 2)

(Chorus 1 & 2)

Yes, I'm searching for love
No no