Sin7sinS - Taste Of Twilight (2011)

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Sin7sinS - Taste Of Twilight lyrics

It is all about the drugs
I'm pretty sure you can't have enough
It is all about the sex
You're pretty desperate fuck you up the ass

All you want is your next score
Can you remember life how it was before?

Bring me money and you'll shoot
top dollar I will treat you good
No mercy while you die
who gives a shit when you're fucking high?

You're better off dead

Step into the twilight baby
you cannot ride on maybe
Can't stop to see the show
tear the needle and let it go
This is where you wanted me
This is where you'll need me the most
This is where you taunted me
I am so infected

Time has come to go
what's next you will surely know
I'm here to make you ride
now you walk with the devil's pride

I'm pretty sure you want me bad
I'm pretty sure you want me back