Simon Joyner - Milk lyrics

This is not a song,
This is just one of those vivid dreams. This is not a song
But it needs it just the same.

Sometimes I wake up in the darkness
When I know I should've stayed asleep.

If you remember to be drunk,
You should remember to get married.
If you remember to be drunk,
You'd be better to get married.

Sometimes it takes a teaspoon of milk
Just to see that bowl of sweet cherries.

Put my life out like a candle,
Smears two fingerprints.
Saw a child crouched down,
Write my name in fresh cement.

She said, "I know you're in a hurry
But could you give an angel a minute?"

Well I don't want to get up
With the moon still in place
And this bad dream passing through
The lines in my face.

There my be blood in my shirt sleeves, but I think I see a clean escape.

So how will my heart know
When it's time to stop,
Put the squeeze on the veins
And let the temperature just drop.

Sometime you sleep until the sun gets a chance to rise,
Sometimes you wake up in the dark, silver skies and golden needles, pale lights and the cold cold milk.