Silent Knight - Stayin' Busy (2011)

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Silent Knight - Stayin' Busy lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Busy as my best friend
Some people answer me exactly what they mean
I tell them busy as my best friend
I didn’t plan it, it’s just the way I am saying

Spent my nights ... and my days on edge
Just can’t remember my last night in the bed
Never said I was without options
Just that I am locked into a perpetual rapping
More than my own home I am at the count pound
More often in my mom’s house or ... house
More rap than in more location
Low day spent in so many stations
Radio bus train .. sustain
Same money same faces save me from much pain
Trying to .. with something I ain’t enjoying doing
Peace myself but really keep the bowl moving
We build it so .. this reality
A state of mind and .. mentality
You say you want it ok but how bad
I am gonna be honest is not ..


Busy is as busy does
That’s why mu schedule was filling up
That’s why my session is incredible and the .. is fucked
That’s why my friends and family don’t see me as much
Peace what’s up how you been? Staying busy you know
Trying to stay sane trying to make a living you know
I am away to the lab …get busy
Face buried in the screen keep my mind .. in jeans
And my eyes .. it’s 6 am I’ve been sitting there from the night before
.. can’t sing it