Silent Kingdom - Reflection Of Fire lyrics

Preko voda srebrenih
Prek' planina golemih
Preko suma zelenih
Tu su dvori vladarski

Oko dvora vladarskog
Zid od sna istkanog
U tom dvoru lezi on
Mladi vladar srca slomljenog

O vladaru cuj me ti
I kroz vjetar junacki
Kreni prek' planina njoj
Svojoj ljubi jedinoj

Konja sedla mlad vladar
Na sedlu mu dukati
U daljine gleda on
Svoje srce dao njoj

As darkness throws its hands
Toward the sun's dying gaze
We've traveled through the days
And nights only to reach the shores
Through mountains, deserts and ice
With darkness, moon and stars
With eyes blinded by fear of
Wanting to see your shores

Why can't you hear these voices
Of ours, there is nothing within
That you should be afraid of
Lost thoughts of yours I cannot understand,
World that is new
Will lead you to my stand

The journey is ahead of you and us
Fear is ours to keep
Through dreams I will find your light

Reflections of fire

Land I see in front of me
Sun that is red will show me
My lost path
Within this ocean of sand
I will close my eyes
Lost and again I was found
So let me be the light of your night