Silent Fall - Haunted Sights lyrics

I feel alone in the darkness
I was in love, naivety was my guide
Sweet dreams sometimes turn into nightmares
Carrying our last hopes away
If only I'd known behind these eyes
Was hidden this evil's mind

Were you an actress, was I credulous?
For me it's the same
You've destroyed my heart without remorse
And you ran away
Daughter of devil you fucking bitch,
My scars are still screaming
Your only way is to be mine
Or you'll have to die

Wherever you are, you will never be safe
Like a shadow I'll come,
To bring your soul to hell

Look the rearview mirror, I'll be there
While you're delightful face will be haunting my mind
I know I am a fool, full of love
Now it's time to choose: rejoin me or just die

Clear my haunted sights

I feel the rage growing in me
I need to unwind
The intermission lasted too long
Now the show must go on
Never I had thought you were able
To be unfaithful
Until I found you in our bed
With my best friend