Sifl And Olly - Electric Oven lyrics

(duet with Delictush Sexplosious)

She don't care, and she don't mind, and
She don't bug me when I drink my wine
I wanna rumble! Yeah, shake it over once or twice
She's my baby, she's my woman
She's my one and only honey spice!

She's my baby, I'm gonna take her by the hand
I'm gonna rock her every single night
Well, I'm her one and only lovin' man
Soppin' gravy, wipe my biscuit off in her hand

Well I'm soppin all her lovin',
I'm her one and only lover man.

I went down to the bar to get some beer
They had poker in the front and they got liquor in the rear
Electric oven, it's gonna heat up the night
Well I ain't shy or nothin'
I'm gonna butter up your muffin right.