Shyne - Messiah (2010)

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Shyne - Messiah lyrics

I got the city on my back,
Pretty women in the sack,'
'Rollin' in the Rolls/
Sit, sittin' in my lap/
This is not a rap, fool, this is not an act/
Welcome to New York, blood, this is where it's at/
Snitches take a nap with the fishes and the rats/
Buried in the dirt where the witnesses is at.
Hear the whistle when I clap from the missile that I pack/
Once you violate, like a ribbon, it's a wrap/
From Gangland to the Oval Office, next ten years I'ma control the market

And I'll stop there.. Are you guys listening?

Really tho, Really tho, r-really tho, Really tho, Really tho, r-really tho Really tho, Really tho, r-really tho r-really tho?