Shutdown - The Judged lyrics

Watch out for the one's who try and bring you down with
Their words their games just symbolize the way they feel
Inside it stems from all the doubt that... comes... it all comes
From within stems from all the doubt that comes within

Your fooling yourself when you turn away so turn back
Around cause we're not ashamed no i'm not ashamed...
Ashamed of what we believe cause we always made it through
And it's a shame to see you're just fighting what's inside you
You fail to see we'll fight until the day we're .. not ... the judged
No we wont be judged and we're not the judged
We won't be judged

Cause we always made it through and it's a shame to see
Your just fighting what's inside you.. you fail to see

We're not the the judged we won't be judged

You should look inside yourself before you point
To put the blame away

We.. will.. fight.. till... we.. wont.. be.. judged
We.. will.. fight.. till...
We.. won't.. be.. judged... FIGHT!