Shuji Inaba - Fate And Fortune lyrics

Hippies run, having hidden the lead
Mothers flee, hiding their children
Hands clasped in prayer, begging to be spared
Men who believed in God roar in anger

Crying out for light in the darkness
Protecting a life as fragile as cricket's

The flapping of a white cloth dyed a deep red
Swimming in a red river shrouded with flames

An iron-winged bird attacks from the sky
An iron-scaled fish attacks from the sea

Playing amongst crowds seeking power
Women go insane, their legs splayed open

Criminals clap their hands, laughing
Bearing the pain of their nails being torn off
Hating, the blue world turning, stained red
Singing a song opf peace above the clouds

Desiring of the wings of a bird flying high,
and dying
You birds sleeping in other countries,
rest well now

A man beating the sand in a desert of flames
Black coral burning on the ocean floor

Heroes returning from the eastern skies
A hellish past arises from the western skies

Swearing peace the century draws to a close
The dead aware of tomorrow's song

Anger, pain, dreams, hapiness,
fear, shame, love, joy
Miracles, mystery, justice, solitude,
the past, today, tomorrow, the future

Victory, defeat, defeat, victory, the future,
tomorrow, today, the past,
Songs, songs...