Showbread - Mouth Like A Magazine lyrics

Turning over in interrupted slumber
You ponder others, growing ever wakeful
You've locked the vermin in the other bedroom
To be so perfect causes you to feel so thankful
Now find the fault because your boyfriend can't read
Reflecting on to you is all the bitterness you need
So unhappy, yet so preoccupied
Never found beaten down with your forked tongue tied

Your eulogy is like poetry
But your mouth is like a magazine

Queen, dependency is cowering, please don't be confused
You are vacant and submissive, receptive to abuse
Virtue isn't tangible, and sense of self is dated
Names constant on your cracked lips are now eviscerated
Your spine is made of metal
Your veins are bound in electric tape
And all along an impulse lights at random in your face
You cought up an offering and forget which words are lies
Then your skull echoes a singing pop
As your brain is cauterized

Within the walls I hear all of its legs
There must be so many to carry it over our heads
Seething and unsettled and oh such a let down
And now these rusty spokes inside my head
are making such a grating sound