ShowYouSuck - 80′S Boobs (2014)

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ShowYouSuck - 80′S Boobs lyrics

[Verse 1]
Looking something like rae dawn Ching from soul man while you're laying in the nude
Got me feeling like Scott from "Teen Wolf" while we both chilling here in this room
"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" for the uthtenth time on the tube
Really don't like camping outdoors, but I'm bout to pitch a tent real soon excuse
My French, pardon me
Smoke yo smoke,talk yo talk
Work that work, fight that cause
Then come home,unhook that bra
Why you wearing one anyway?
Let em hang baby girl,yep let em hang
Let me get ya real hip to some news
When I watch "Blue Lagoon" I'm reminded of ya boobs

(Fast times at Ridgemont High)

Ya got boobs from a 80s movie

(16 candles)

Ya got boos from a 80s movie

(Just one of the guys)

Ya got boobs from a 80s movie

(Halloween parts 1,2,3,4 and 5)

Ya got boobs from a 80s movie

[Verse 2]
Doubles D's on my sofa,double A's in my remote
"Weird Science" on VHS, but got damn VCR broke
Since we're not in a rush, let's watch Howard the Duck"
Jessica Lange, Lisa Bonet, I'm 'bout to blush
Your boobs so rad,you got smarts too
I don't mean to be an ass,great taste in films
When the lights real dim on the futon couch,funs to had
Don't worry about mom or my dad
They're both sleep,my basement pad
Is where u are, when the movies done, you must catch cab