Show And Ag - You Know Now lyrics

My raps are homicide, raps are clear like crystal
Never packed a pistol, will I used it, ain't the issue
And if you insist to test us, trust me
We're official, a bite-proof style you can't get through
New shit was real from day one
Say one verse, then I burst with the love so I can slay hon
Ain't none, that's the answer on who's better
Want more cheese than cheddar, soon to breeze like the weather
My companion is standing on non-believers
With mics you can't test me, you lose against the SP
Blacker than Wesley, almost perfect like Gretzky
You supposed to be the best? Step up, let's see
Check one two, that means I'm coming, too
But in my song, if I say "Peace, I'm gone" that means I'm through
Monster, will stomp ya, until you suffocate
Turn read, now dead is your mental state

If you didn't know before, guess you know now!
(It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 2x)

Well it's the big man on campus, from Hardcore High
Graduatin' with colors, I got brothers that's
+Ready To Die+ ([Party Arty] Like Biggie)
They dig me, I'm New Yorks own
On this track shit, the fact is, Show got its own
The resume, I flow like a feather weight
In the physical, in the mental I'm too big for you
Strong cats, with ya small rhymes, I got big raps
And chicks that, give me head 20 secs, and 6 packs
You need to quit, cause this rap shit ain't just sport
The stuff you write takes no time, has no thought
Spark a L hear the rhythm then I give 'em help
Show got that one two touch, I come through in the clutch
You don't understand the style, that we break it down
You didn't know before, guess you know now

If you didn't know before, guess you know now!
(It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 6x)

Our squad is thickness reel-to-reel got it locked
You're askin' for a witness I you flawed with your glock
A guntalkin' hooligan, no I'm not
But on the bread and butter, do or die, I'ma make it hot
Cause I can't afford to drop, stop the violence
If we silence the devil, the violence will stop
The cops got the block, mad hot
The fuzz pack glocks next stop is the red dot
Pop the weasel is aimin' for my people
Gotta get down that's legal or illegal
I'ma always stand tall that's who we are, word
The scent of the earth got 'em smellin' like a hunchy bar
By far it's that chocolate
You don't know me too well, I mean too well is when I drop it
Silent dealin' with the mental the fact you gettin' sour
Now and I'm the one seein' ain't no coincidential
Who's next to get dropped, cause I'm like
Brand Nu-bian and state like Sadat
The smash roll up and pass
No doubt, King Yada you gotta give a shout, I'm out

If you didn't know before, guess you know now!
(It's Show & A.G. and this is how it's going down) (Repeat 3x)