Shop Boyz - Th3y Lik3 M3 lyrics

D D David Banner
It's ya boy David Banner
New Shop Boyz!
Let's Go!

They lookin at my jewels
And they see a player icy
They kick it like they cool
But I can tell they wanna fight me
I keep the girls choosin
Turn 'em Out & have em dikin
They never tell me naw
Cause they like me.

Aye man hold up please
Girl you see this bling
Don't you see these diamonds
What that is?
It's shinin things
Look at all my rings
Compliment my bracelet
I think my chain stank
Cause people makin' ugly faces
I had two girls at the same time
I had 'em dikin
Knowin' damn well
If I ain't Rap
They prolly wouldn't Even Like Me
But f**k it, I stay icy
Ask about me an Atlanta
I'm a Shop Boy flexin' on the track
With Mr. Banner.

(Chorus x2)

She said you let me touch ya chain

I'll let you poke it
This shit ain't hard to notice
Grab a knot and let her throw it
Just to show her how I blow
I'm a playa & she knows it
I ain't scared to show it
I take her to my partner's
Let 'em bust & leave her heart broken
Them bustas kick it like they cool
But they haters to they heart
Yeah they talk behind my back
Cause they been haters from the start
I send them haters to the stars
Then kick it with they wifey
They never tell me naw
Cause she like me

(Chorus x2)

I can tell they envy me
Cause they see a playa fly
My earrings bling-a-ling
Chain look like tye-dye
See we got different color girls
But they always stick together
When I say move they move
Boy they ready for whatever
I can see it in your eye
Boy don't make no false move
I know that you don't like me
But you better keep it cool
Don't mean no disrespect
I ain't tryin' to be rude
But look you gotta know
That I always keep a tool

(Chorus x2)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.