Shockwave - Paper Doll lyrics

Paper doll
One of a million like you
Cut from the MTV mold a life with no direction from yourself

Except to limitate, and to fall and burn
Like your heroes lost, your life a broken mirror

Displays distorted happiness, a fools dream doused, in flames
It's never like, what you'd expect, when you find that, you are!

An empty husk!

You've lost your soul
You've lost your heart
Spirits gave it all for!

All the things that make you bleed
All the things that make you weep
All the things that make you wish
You wish, your life away!

The paper doll, waiting to burn!
Pull from the fire your soul your heart, your spirit, it's not to late!
It's not to late!
It's not, it's not, to late!