Shirley Temple - One Never Knows, Does One? lyrics

If the moon on high fails to signify
anything to you
If a starlit sky finds you there alone
No arms to cling to you
If the splendor of the night
hasn't any message it can bring to you
Wait lonely one wait
Love may be just a little bit late.

One never knows does one?
When love will cone along
Then so suddenly
Life turns out to be a song
Hm hm

One never knows does one?
The moment or the place

Then right before your eyes
Someone occupies your embrace.

Someday look and you'll find
two hearts were blessed
Someday fate may be kind
pray for the future
hope for the best.

One never knows does one?
That's just the way it goes.
All at once you hear,
Hold me, caress me and then
love, may come but when?
One never knows does one?