Shinhwa - Perfect Man ( English Version ) lyrics

Yeah ooh
Girl I dream of u all day
You took my breath away
Cause u are the one

Sometimes love just comes and goes(but my love will never die)
I can prove this to u
Darlin I know I was made to love u and u were for me why
My love is for u only

Did u know that u are always on my mind?
I know I've gone crazy 4 u
even through the long and endless night
If u call I'll be right there holding u tight

Girl I dream of u all day U took my breath away Cause you are the one
Promise u that I will be the man and give all that u need
My heart is crying 4 u,baby can u please
Rescue me?

Never knew that I would love u so(but now u are all that I need)
Holdin'on to u, u are part of me
I know that I was wrong
But times have changed and
Girl I want u back with me
The way our love used to be

How I wish that u could feel my broken heart
Or is your love fading away?
May I be your lovin'baby?
Want u here beside me
Please come back to me

Eric raps.......

lonely night without u by my side
So just take my hand and trust in me
All I know that I love u I cannot let go
baby let me love u and spend my life with u til eternity

U and I are meant to be
Our love is like a fantasy
I will never leave u alone baby .....(call me)
Never felt like this before and now I'm beggin' u to stay I will follow u
Cause I want u
need u