Shield Of Wings - Carnival Mirror lyrics

As you quench your lust opening your thighs to mutilation.
Minds so twisted they are satisfied by their own rape.

A drugged soul.
Bodies lying naked and paralyzed.
Thoughtless walking corpse chained and guided by the blind.

So curious, so deadly. so temporary...
For the fashion of this world passeth away.

Venomous are the pleasures of this world.
A vast festival, a constant vanity fair.

Immoral people, of a disgraced nation.
Such perversion of god's greatest creation.

Not one pure motive, most corrupt, all are tainted.
There is no hope without a savior.
All are hopeless to sin without a savior.
Aroused by perversion, entertained only with destruction.
Entranced by the axe of a woman.
Entwined with temptation.
Following in the steps of dead men.
Living a godless lie, the truest deceit...

It does not take long for the simple man to become consumed.
A little sleep, a little slumber...
Wrath and judgment knock at the door of the sluggard.
The glutton feasting on the flesh of his brother.

Two faced serpent, all are friend, and all are enemy.
So emotional, so emotionless.
Burned up you shall be, as are diseased swine.
Carnival mirror, you have killed my child!

All are hopeless to sin without a savior.
The love of my life was nothing more than death seducing.

The lust of your life is a lie...
The lust of my life is a lie!