Shellac - Doris lyrics

None too smart by books, none too pretty
Kind of a chore to look at, Doris has had some things go wrong in her little life
And they show on her face
There are things she doesn't talk about, there are things she only tells her mom
There are things she never tells anyone

There are things in Doris's life, but then there are in everyone's
Then she opens her little mouth, she sings her little song and like a flag
It folds out across the city, and it goes:

"The fat man becomes an ice-skater
Maniac becomes a stepfather
I watch a policeman's mouth - out comes an honest word"

Miracles happen when Doris sings
Couples in love stop dead in their tracks
Dishes clatter to the ground unbroken, politicians die

She watches as her son becomes an imbecile
Watches as her son becomes a vegetable
Watches as her son becomes a senator
Watches as her only son becomes an imbecile (and it makes her cry)

She waves her little song like a flag, it goes across the city
Miracles can happen, but I'm in love with her, so...