Sheek Louch - Get Gully (Freestyle) (2011)

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Sheek Louch - Get Gully (Freestyle) lyrics

Don don I spit at your grave bitch behave
Just shut the fucked up I was trying to be brave
Feel grizzly these days, I should live in a cave
Looking for nothing, feel like I'm a death … slave
Ask … my arm dealer, sold off punks next doing the thing
Wanna hit in the slum, gangsters high, fans letting hip hop die
The … crazy donnie … way too fly … coming
Cowards getting hit, coke getting flip
Constipated bitch, you ain't shit
I dumped the whole clip, the … bad drip,
Drip, drip, drip, it's a pleasure to breathe
Take it for granted, tell your family time to grieve
Fast money, brown bags puncture rubber bands
Black icy tone is the cover of my hands, no doubt
I'm straight up shoe and I'm just telling you my plans
Now they all asking what's next, is the rue block or …
Fucking this money like sex, I come through the jets tops down
Hammer on a seat, all you gotta do is hit me on a text
I jump out and light out all your complex
Either shady 45 of listen in flex
D block the niggers with the text, shit, who am I, Donnie G.