She-Male Trouble - Too Strong lyrics

Hey would you please wait a minute cause I'm trying to explain
There is something weird about you what is driving me insane
Let me try to put things right so you won't ever get me wrong
Cause I hate this ugly feeling and it's getting way too strong
Why did I wait so long being pushed by things you've done
Maybe I was waiting for someone to come along
Someone who would handle all the huzzle that you caused
Someone else to deal my trouble - someone else but me!

Don't keep me waiting and don't ask why
Truth coming up while the sun will rise
Just leave my life don't say goodbye
Cause I need to be on fire

Bang! Here you are!
And you ask me straight away
"do you have a sofa, could I stay?"
Just for the weekend? For another week? For another month? For another life?
My fridge is empty!

All the things you thought we had Gone in minute ...
Oh god I'm trying - I never lie!