Shaun Groves - Heaven Hang On lyrics

He yells through the night~ with a face full of fight~ stepping over the ring that she wore~ she runs for the car~ but she doesn't get far~ His boot kicks her hand from the door~ and there on her back~ she lets go of the last~ remnant of hope that she's held

Heaven hang on~ she can't hang on anymore~ (repeat)

Two houses down there's~ there's a man pulling out~ with a pistol pushed under his seat~ and he's waving good-bye~ to his boys and his wife~ and that are too far to meet~ he's got a plan~ the insurance man~ sold him the way out of need~

Heaven hang on~ he can't hang on anymore~ (repeat)

Lord, surround them with angels~ and send out Your saints~ shake us all loose~ from our pulpits and pews~ to hold on to help up the faint

Heaven hang on (Use my hands, Jesus)~ we can't hang on anymore (repeat)