Shaun Boothe - I Do It For You lyrics

Do it for you


You should know I do it for you
(Repeat X3)

Verse 1:

My little cousin heard my song on the radio
Now he think I'm a rap star
I laughed and told him I wouldn't go that far
Ok but when u are can I borrow ur black card?
Sure. But for now I'm on a mission
And I don't get the recognition til the seconqd listen
Still I'll take a bullet for this bullshit,
Just not in the head
Maybe the arm, maybe the leg...mmm..I don't know
But what I do know is I work hard, play hard
No you can't skip over that first part
This is for the extras in my video
The pay's shitty but they came lookin pretty tho
They don't want money they jus wanna see they city blow
And blow it shall
Things have been put into motion now
U can't slow it down
Shaun boothe, entering on cue
They say theres no money in music so
You should know I do iit for u


You should know I do it for you
(Repeat X4)

Verse 2:

This for my niggas sip sippin on some sizzurp
Or on the block pitch pitchin on the cizzurb
Either I'm trip trip trippin of the izzurb
Or this flow is beserk, yeah,
I'm a wizard wit wit the wizzerds
So gimme what I deserve, damn
I rock from the hood to the bizzurbs
Where they don't say nigga they say nigger
Still I got love - that's where I sell my shizzirts
Yeah, that's good promo
And everywhere I go I represent like a logo
Bout to shake up the world like a snow globe
And I do it for who??
Ugh, I get lifted like a crying baby
But don't try and change me
Nobody raised me wrong my mother is a fine lady
But it so happens that that smoke provoke
That shit for you to quote
So you should know I do it for you


You should know I do it for you
(Repeat X5)