Sharron Kraus - The Tree Of Knowledge lyrics

I found the Tree of Knowledge
In the middle of a wood
In the middle of winter
It was bearing golden fruit

Apples on the topmost branches
Outlined against the sky
It would take all of my climbing skills
To climb that high

The need to know burns me up
Answers to my questions
More urgent than the will to live
Curiosity beckons

So I climb and climb and climb and climb
Legs and arms a-quiver
The higher I climb, the further the top
This tree stretches on forever

Finally I reach the top
Up in the crow's nest, far from land
The whole earth spread beneath me
Gleaming apple in my hand

My teeth are itching for a bite
The great temptation
And in the shiny glowing skin
I see my own reflection

The first bite makes me laugh
The second makes me cry
The final bite fills me up
And back down to earth I fly