Sharp Tongues - You Deserve Nothing lyrics

I had a dream I was trapped in the basement of a lakefront house with you.
We were augmented beings buried knee-deep in the ground.
We were trying our hardest to burn it down.

And since then I've been burning broken matches just to keep the flame alive.

I've been burning broken matches for a year now.
Trying as hard as I could just to cauterize the love.
And I've been biding my time for a while now.
Waiting patiently for the day I could claw my way inside

Of your chest locked up tight in the attic I've been avoiding all this time
O'er the closet where the skeletons watch us in our sleep.

You don't deserve an armistice.
And I don't owe you and apology or an explanation for this.
'Cause I don't think you deserve to be anything, to anyone, but me.
How sick and selfish to think that you're my property.