Shareefa - No One Said Prelude (Skit) lyrics

Yes, peace, Rich, yo! what up man, whats good Reef?
What up ? Aint nothing, chillin', i-ight, Yo! check this out,
I just had the craziest idea right, what is it? I was
Listening to um, "Ready to Die", (uh hu) and um I can up with
Like, the chorus, like the lyrics, just a lil bit like, and
I want it to go a lil something like: "No one said that this
Life would be easy, so sick and tired of being tired please

Believe me." " No one said"... But you get the drift?
Uuhm I'm feel'n that, you know what? I know just who we can
Get to do it too! And the sample, I know the sample, I got the
Record sitting right here.