Shanice Wilson - This Time lyrics


I removed your picture from my wall

Now what used to be a house too big

Is now a room too small

Everytime I close my eyes I'd realize

I couldn't find enough things to do

I never really got over you


I wrote you letters

I got no reply

And just when I was walking out on Love

To my surprise

Don't you wanna come inside

Where it's warm and dry

Instead of standing in the doorway

With tears in your eyes


This time -- I won't back down

This time -- I'll stand my ground

I don't think you realize

What went on inside

Now I'm never gonna give up

Until I'm back by your side


I fought off heartaches, one by one

And when I was about to give up

I'd realize the day was gone

Everytime I'd close my eyes

I'd see you cry

I can't forget the look on your face

Baby when I said goodbye


I read your letters each and every night

With intent and pen in hand

I was much too weak to write

Every night I'd pace the floor until

I couldn't take it anymore

I was just about to give up

Then you opened the door



Before we went wrong, you know

We used to be so right

I know we should surrender to love

But we gave up without a fight


I just wanna let you know

I never should've let you go

Boy I wanna be back in your arms

So let's try it once More

CHORUS (3 Times and fades)