Shanell - Hear Me Calling lyrics

(Verse 1 )

We out here, We hood rich.
We gettin by, we run a snitch.
The corner store, the du-plex
The bootleg, the bob-white fence
The blue lights , the red liights
Shine on every street side
Lifestyle for the on'e i know.
We holdin up we callin out like


See we callin from the ghetto screamin yeeeeahh
Call it out lemme hear ya say Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeeaahhh Yeah Yeeeeaaahhh .

(Verse 2)

That 808 , the Black Tint
The chalk lines on the cement
The barber shop, the double dutch

The fish fry on the yard in the front
Either you bowslo or fall back
Learn to stay on your own tracks!
A lifestyle that we know
We hold it up we callin out like



So call it out . . if ya from that !
Throw it up . . if ya rep that !
Stand up . . if ya from that !
Let em know . . and we got that !


(beat play)