Shandon - Vampire Girl lyrics

Look inside you know I've been divided
Between myself and I about how feeling love
Needed someone who found out the strenght
That I got inside and let me then
Believe at least that love really exist
And I can cope with it and I could live for it
I'll give my blood well I'll give every source
To feed it everyday and have it anyway
But then came into my soul
The anemic girl in need of blood
And I knew just what to do
I held my neck out to hr tooth
Ooooooooh vampire girl
Ooooooooh suck my blood
She bite me and I went on realizin'
That I wantad this going every day and night
My neck is bleedin' but no blood is flowing
But it's something else that makes me feel as
I am riding as a bull in the heather
As if I was bent seather now I feel in heaven
She put honey in my ached body
So I turned into an house-hold master