Shakodi - Seven Years And Still No Water lyrics

I'm waiting, you're waiting, we're all waiting. Waiting for the storm. The clouds are forming overhead. I wished the sun would never rise. I prayed for many days, and nights, that you would bring us darkened skys. And I prayed, that you would rescue us. Deliver us, from this evil. I'm trying so hard, not to give in, to all these temptations. The wait is over now. Tonight is the night. The storm is on it's way. The clouds are in my sight. Cause it's been seven years, and still there's no water, and there's still no water tonight. This is the calm before the storm. Seven years and still no water, sven years and still not water, seven years and still no water, seven years and still no water. There's still no water. Let it rain. Let it pour. Let it come down. Come down