Shakary - Time Trap lyrics

The book is open, the hand is ready,
The feather is going to write with golden ink:
The trap in the sky is now open, the voice says:
"Follow me up there, I'll show you the visions."

I don't wanna go,
I don't wanna follow you,
I want to stay,
Dreaming of your star name;
I want to stay beside you,
Even if I hate you,
Like one hates
Awaking after a restless night.

The throne is surrounded by Twenty-Four
Seven torches in front of a crystal sea;
Four living begins with thousand eyes.
A lion, a bull, one man and an eagle.

In the hand of the rainbow there's a parchment,
Closed with seven seals and by the power of God;
"Who will be able to open this book?"
Only one can break them: the lamb of the Lord.

I don't wanna stay,
I wish to turn back,
Down there, where I can see you,
Hidden away;
To spy you in the brightness
Of your lonely nights,
And expecting your awaking into another day.