Shadowlord - Unholy lyrics

Without form, without feature
Severed from this human world
Watching as these mortals
Lead their brief and pointless lives

Imprisoned and tormented
With hunger ever growing
Endless power imprisoned here
The eater of souls am I

Hanging on in desperation
Aeons passing by..
Always watching, always waiting
Some day I'll return

With a kind of madness in his eyes
He unsheathed the sacrificial knife
And then he turned to me, turned to me and cried
You'll never leave this place alive

Silence in the chapel reigns supreme
Monstrous now, the incantations ring
And they surround me
Helpless you and I, A mortal human sacrifice

Voices in the night, screaming my name
Dominus tyrannicus, I'll never be the same


Voices echo through the chapel hall
A pentagram, inscribed upon the floor
The unthinkable is happening
The beast begins to rise
Before my unbelieving eyes

Voices in the night
Screaming my name
The time has come to summon up the vile and profane


[Solo : Herman]
[Solo : Ross]

Lying here, in mortal terror
Cant describe my fatal error
With chanting from the acholydes
The priest raises his dagger high

The thing cannot wait nor contain its greed
And so the beast begins to feed
The robes of black burst into flames
Sweet reward of he I dare not name

Voices of the dying will never leave my mind
Nor the insanity that burned behind his eyes