Shadowgarden - With Love And A Bullet lyrics

So empty, so cold
I'm the clay that you mould
So eager to please
I'm down, down on my knees

No love without tears
It hurts like nothing else
No love without fears
It hurts to believe in us

I don't regret the things I've done
I don't feel sorry for causing you pain
I don't feel you love no more
Can I break these chains
Don't you feel the aching pain
From a bleeding heart once again
Don't you feel the shame,
I'm just a fool for loving you

No passion, no spark
No candles burning in the dark
So empty, damn you're cold
Break me down and swallow me soul

No heat, no flame
It hurts to play this game
No redemption nor hope
It hurts to believe in us

So here we are in this misery
And once again you're killing me
So take my hand
And feel the sorrow
Let us drown in the tears
Of a broken tomorrow