Shad - New School Leaders lyrics

I'm staring at the world's blankest page
White with all the angst and rage
I can't convey
Just feeling so distraught and depressed
as I imagine these lines filled
with all the sick rhyme skill
I thought I possessed
It's a pressure to produce, its my process its slow
I got no mic presence and no progress to show
Its this project its so ambitious
It makes me wish that I could just
sit and talk to a professional musician
Cause maybe he could tell me if I got the talent
I just wanna shoot the gift
All I wanna do is spit so bad and its sad
Cause all I wanna do is quit when the pressure hits
Pondering the prospect of failin' y'all
I get left with this sick deep feelin'
most definite, I should sleep this off

Man you can't be this soft.

Man where'd you come from?

Listen son take those bedsheets from off your body
No time for rest, don't just resign to stress
I'm the real MC that you wanted to find
and test your rhymes and get
all the thoughts in your mind addressed
Sit up a second let me answer your questions

[Original Rap, with new school leaders]

Young bro, open your eyes you're gonna make great music
Just open your soul and cats will relate to it
If you open your heart at least you'll escape through it

Yeah I'm scared that I will but still no one will take to it
I guess that's why I'm stuck before this opening line
Cause when my demo drops its gotta be blowin' some minds
To make some dough with these rhymes I must be showin' them I'm...

What, deaf? Cause only the deaf need to go and get signed
Just to express themselves, you can get your wealth in other ways
I ain't tryin to scam millions, or get your love and praise
Cause god gave man brilliance

Yeah but why plan buildin' if the most I'll ever do
is rhyme for my grandchildren?

Respect! You love to get but you hate to earn
This time can be a blessing if you wait your turn,
and simply stay concerned with making sure you state what you feel
when you're lacin' your reels and always elevatin' your skills
See I've learned this thing determines what it takes to get ill
And real patience doesn't mean you sit and wait for a deal
Build with local cats, do the open mic thing

There ain't none!

Then make some, you wanna be an all time great son?
Cool, do your thing, but just recognize this
success won't make you happy
at best it make you rich
at worst it make you paranoid bitter and afraid
and either way there's no use for cash in the grave
Problems and platinum plaques,
so don't let your raps detract from the bigger things in life
cause that's a trap, for real!

[Original rap, with new school leaders]

Yo, tell me exactly how you got your props?

One day I started working hard and just forgot to stop
If you don't stay on your rhymes you'll probably rock the spot
Around the time pigs fly like some cops with hops

But Man I'll never match

That's true, who in the world can?
Most of these cats can't even flow, like Pearl Jam
Man I'm just playin', but you gotta have confidence

Well what about humility?

Well I'm not sayin' be pompous kid, just recognize your ability
Cause a real MC knows if he's competent, you feelin me?

Well are you feelin' me, do I got what it takes?

Well do you got a vision, a purpose, a mic, and some breaks?
I know you got the passion cause I can see it in your face
And that's already more than half of these cats making tapes

I'm trying to be making papes though, school ain't my thing
all I think about is rappin' and makin' this happen and...

Man I been there, matter of fact I'm still here
Let me get some cats on the mic to explain this to you real clear
Fellows who can speak with authority


While real MC's and DJ's are a minority [Gang Starr - You Know my Steez]

A dope MC is a dope MC with or without a record deal, all can see [KRS One - Step Into a World]

See no need for boozy crowds clappin' their hands

I never let a statue tell me how nice I am [Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour]

Stay far from timid only make moves when your hearts in it [Notorious B.I.G - Sky's the Limit ]

It ain't hard to tell [Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell]

I part mimics market it for target and charts with smart gimmicks
from the fresh soul for sharp witted and artistic (?)

[Original rap, with new school leaders]