Shabazz Palaces - Free Press And Curl lyrics

Dance machine
In the brown
Juicy lips
Watch em glow
In the sauce

I cried with Moochi at papi's wake
snuck a extra slice of cake
when the pigs came down to make they case
i looked them dead up in they face
i never heard of none of that
soon as i win, let's run it back
i run off feelings fuck your facts
deception is the truest act
with poise i twirl the bluest lack
dougie hold the ooh-est sacks
I danced a move to play the back
I dipped she aksed him, "who was that?"

I ain't show off i just showed up
Greet my peoples fill they cup
Transmit heat on pillows plush
I mean it tho. i mean it tho

i gleam and glow
i'm clean and i will
bet you that i get it bro
inside the glow
just not for show
three beans purples indigo
catchy yes, but trendy no
never fiend or schemin tho
that's beneath Barbara Jean's offspring
With po i never seem to know

Gunbeats comprise arsenall

up or don't toss it at all

yeah up or don't toss it at all
philosophy is cruelty
both musically and bitch-wise too
i lost the best beat that i had
now my heart just smash and dash
warm inside i catch a cab
it's boring out, up to the lab
these robots grant us internets
programmed racist sequences
don't compare my beat with his
he ain't up off these streets we slick

i'm free
yes you know i'm free

i'm free
to be a slave to all these things i can't escape
trapped inside imaginations tickling at my face

you know i'm free
yes you know i'm free

free to chain my will up to the wings of my instinct
and wander round this box i'm inextricabuly linked

you know i'm... free

that's right i'm free to make pursuit to catch some stuff that holds me down
to capture my desire fashion out of this a crown

you know i'm free

i never leave i'm super free
to fill my smiles up with the tears that i forgot
and haunt myself beside this pretty ghost that float my heart
you know i'm free

thou shalt bask in the light of my phone screen glow
thumbs realize everyone i know
freedom's cold newest episode
one more smile in the undertow
let's go

put mind's in for a fresher world
old school hood nigga press and curl
eye's like moons when I kiss my girl
get flown out wish i was in Africa


aw shiii....